Mountain Bike Clothing For Womens And Mens

Do you think mountain bike clothing is not necessary? The article below will change your mind.

When it comes to choosing mountain bike clothing, details and material are important. Wearing specialized clothing will determine whether your trip will be good or exhausting and painful.

If you’re just starting to use mountain biking, choosing the right clothes can make you feel scared. So how to choose the right ones? Let take 5 minutes to read the following article and find the answer.

Why Need Mountain Bike Clothing?

Mountain biking is one of the most effective vehicles in daily practice as well as serving fun with its own name. Therefore, mountain biking every day is also considered a very good habit for everyone’s health.

However, to make cycling easier, it’s best to prepare yourself special clothes. In fact, choosing the right clothes makes it easier to perform cycling activities, while protecting your muscles and joints comprehensively.

On the market today, mountain bike clothing are also very diverse with many styles, colors, and sizes. Therefore choosing the right ones for you is no longer difficult.

Top Products Mountain Bike Clothing

Moutain Bike Shoes

Besides choosing a bike that can meet your specific needs, it seems that choosing the right shoe is one of the most important things when cycling. In particular, the shoes designed with a stable structure will help you transfer force from foot to pedal effectively.

If you lack the support of sports shoes, your feet can completely collapse when you try to push the pedal. This causes pain in the arches or problems in the leg muscles. Flexible shoes will definitely help you avoid the stresses that occur on regular pedals.

When it comes to functionality, you’ll find a shoe for most cycling styles. If you plan on walking or climbing in your bike ride (as you can on some challenging mountain bike trails), look for rubber-lined bike shoes. Or if you are trying to improve your cycling skills, light and hard road shoe will serve you best.

Mountain Bike Shorts, Pants, And Sleeve

The first criterion when choosing bicycle clothes is the material must be cool, absorb sweat, and antibacterial effectively.

The material is very important because, in the process of cycling, the body moves a lot, so the amount of sweat escaping from the pores is very large. This makes the number of bacteria and toxins in the body removed. At the same time, when you ride a bike, the joints work continuously, causing the body to heat up.

So cool clothes are very important in helping the body feel comfortable, and the cycling process is interesting.

Mountain Bike Gloves

Why are gloves really necessary when mountain biking?

First of all, gloves help protect the back of the hand. Mountain biking or road biking makes you very much exposed to the sun. Therefore, if you don’t want your hands to get sunburned, don’t wear gloves.

Second, gloves help protect the palm. Cycling will keep your palm rubbing with the bike handle, creating hand calluses. If this happens often, you will often suffer from pain.

Third, the gloves help absorb sweat very well. Does sweat can cause problems? Yes. When cycling, your hands secrete a lot of sweat. This makes it easy to slip off the handle or affect your feeling. So instead of having to constantly wipe your hands on clothes while riding a bike, wear gloves.

Finally, gloves help maintain stability. When cycling on rough roads, your hands are prone to shock, causing pain. But with padded gloves, vibrations are completely reduced, and your cycling will become easier.

Mountain Bike Helmets

When riding a bicycle, using a helmet is a smart choice for many people to help protect their safety. However, with the appearance of countless types of helmets on the market today, finding a helmet that is really safe and appropriate is not a simple matter.

A helmet is not just a head accessory that protects the head from the sun/rain on a bike ride. Moreover, the quality helmet is also a tool to help protect you from injury and impact at the beginning in case an incident occurs.

A good bike helmet is one that can resist to high impact. It contributes to support the head, avoiding direct contact with dangerous objects such as rocks and road surfaces in the event of an unexpected incident in the process of joining traffic.

A standard bicycle helmet, which can perform protective functions should ensure that there are three full parts: the conical case, the inner cushion, and the strap. The rear of the helmet has a shock absorber layer, usually polystyrene, that effectively reduces the impact force affecting the head of the user.

Therefore, to check the quality of the bicycle helmet is high or not, you should carefully check the quality of the rear helmet as well as the strap.

Along with safety factors, the fit to the head size is a very important factor in the process of buying a bicycle helmet. A defined helmet ensures proper fit when it is really fit, not too tight or too wide for the user.

To check if the helmet you are wearing is really suitable, you can tilt or shake your head slightly. If the strap is loose and the helmet is shifted, it is wide for you. On the other hand, if the bike helmet makes you feel uncomfortable, it is smaller in size than your head.

Mountain Bike Kneepads

Kneepads always hug your knees, reducing knee impact to the maximum. When you fall, you often bend your knees, making your knee the worst part of the injury. Wearing kneepads will limit this situation.

Although kneepads surround the knees, they are very flexible and do not affect the movement of joints here. Therefore, you can rest assured when using it. If you want, you can also use pads for both elbows to protect yourself.

There, you have just learned about the mountain bike clothes you really need. Hopefully, the above information will help you better understand the effect and importance of those things. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below. We will respond as soon as possible.

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